LET THE KIDS PLAY – A message to all tennis parents!

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LET THE KIDS PLAY I have just spent 3 days at tournaments, watching many a terrible live broadcast of parents behaving badly! I’ve seen: Bullying (Both their own kids and their opponents) The terrible line calls – From parents on the sidelines (I’m sorry but you don’t have eagle eyes to see the far sideline […]

How to Improve Your Footwork in Tennis: A Guide to Better Movement on the Court


Footwork is a critical component of success in tennis, as it affects the ability to reach shots, maintain balance, and quickly change direction. Improving your footwork in tennis can help you become a more effective player, and make the game more enjoyable. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to improve your footwork in tennis. […]

The Professional Tennis Tour Explained

atp amp wta tours announce measures to combat coronavirus outbreak

The professional tennis tour, also known as the ATP and WTA Tours, is the elite level of tennis competition for men and women, respectively. The tours consist of a series of events that take place all over the world, including Grand Slams, Masters 1000s, and 500s, among others. These events showcase the best tennis players […]

The Strain of Tennis of on Athletes – Understanding the demands of tennis

Posture injury

Professional tennis is a demanding sport that requires a high level of skill, mental and physical endurance, and dedication. The life of an elite tennis player is filled with training, competition, and travel. Travel is an essential part of the sport as players compete in tournaments all around the world. However, the strain of travel […]

Athlete Development in Tennis – Why it’s so important!

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Athletic development plays a crucial role in the success of a tennis player. From speed and agility to endurance and strength, a well-rounded athletic foundation is essential for players looking to reach their full potential on the court. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key components of athletic development in tennis […]

Flexibility and Mobility in Tennis – is it important?

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Flexibility and mobility are two of the most important components of athletic development in tennis. They help players move freely and comfortably on the court, enabling them to reach and stretch for shots and change direction quickly and smoothly. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why flexibility and mobility are so important […]

The Importance of Footwork in Tennis – Keys to Success


Footwork is an essential component of success in tennis, and it’s often the difference between winning and losing a match. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, having good footwork is crucial to playing your best tennis. In this article, we’ll explore why footwork is so important in tennis and what you can do […]

3 Ways to Improve your Footwork for Tennis – INSTANT RESULTS!!!

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Here are 3 ways to instantly improve your footwork on the tennis court! 1.) Get wider! This means wider in your stroke stances, your split step, recovery movements, and width after you strike the ball. Getting wider will lower your centre of mass, which leads to better balance. Getting wider will increase your stability and […]

Posture for Performance


Posture for life, Posture for Performance The modern world drives poor posture. Video games, phones and extended time sitting down in bringing about an epidemic of poor posture in our youth (and adults for that matter), and the results are keeping you from playing sport! Slumped shoulders, curved upper spines, and forward head postures are […]

Building Young Athletes


Building Young Tennis Athletes: The Fundamentals Building an athlete from square one may seem a simple enough task, but in its simplicity comes complexity. What I mean is some things that are simple are often hard to do well and should be mastered before advancing. Here is a simple look at my approach to developing […]