How to Improve Your Footwork in Tennis: A Guide to Better Movement on the Court


Footwork is a critical component of success in tennis, as it affects the ability to reach shots, maintain balance, and quickly change direction. Improving your footwork in tennis can help you become a more effective player, and make the game more enjoyable. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to improve your footwork in tennis. […]

The Importance of Footwork in Tennis – Keys to Success


Footwork is an essential component of success in tennis, and it’s often the difference between winning and losing a match. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, having good footwork is crucial to playing your best tennis. In this article, we’ll explore why footwork is so important in tennis and what you can do […]

3 Ways to Improve your Footwork for Tennis – INSTANT RESULTS!!!

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Here are 3 ways to instantly improve your footwork on the tennis court! 1.) Get wider! This means wider in your stroke stances, your split step, recovery movements, and width after you strike the ball. Getting wider will lower your centre of mass, which leads to better balance. Getting wider will increase your stability and […]

The Footwork Diary: Split Step or Flow Steps


All the Split Steps of the rainbow One of the most over-analysed topics in the footwork world is the variations of Split Steps. And there are many beliefs and theories which need to be put to rest. It is very easy to view a professional, highly skilled athlete and make assumptions on what a 12-year-old […]