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Posture for life, Posture for Performance

The modern world drives poor posture. Video games, phones and extended time sitting down in bringing about an epidemic of poor posture in our youth (and adults for that matter), and the results are keeping you from playing sport!

Slumped shoulders, curved upper spines, and forward head postures are all nasty habits for tennis players and the results suck! Injury, time off the court, and pain.

Poor posture can lead to many shoulder, neck and spine injuries
Poor posture can lead to many shoulder, neck, and spine injuries

Why are they so risky for tennis players?

Injury Risk

  • Shoulder, arm and neck injuries
  • Upper and Lower Back Injuries
  • Hip Injuries
  • Tight and weak bodies are a result

Effects your Performance

  • Less rotation affects technique and power generation
  • The tightness can limit your ability to move effectively
  • Your serve will be compromised – less rotational, less power, less spin, and lower ball contact.
  • Struggle to get to lower balls
  • If you are injured or limited physically then it can affect your time on the court. This is a killer for skill and match development and makes building confidence and rhythm very difficult.


  • Feeling mobile and free leads to greater confidence in your game
  • Confidence to push the body hard and know your body will hold up in long matches
  • Greater feeling of wellbeing – it’s a wonderful feeling being mobile and strong

How can you fix or develop better posture?

Comes down to 3 main areas:

Mobility: Flexible connective tissues and joints with a great range of motion.

Strength: Postural muscles that are strong and have great endurance (we need to hold posture all day!)

Self Worth: Improving your view of yourself through personal development or training yourself to be a beast.

When all these are worked on regularly then posture improves and the risks dissolve. What’s left is a person who values themselves, has confidence in their body, their game with the physicality to match!

Quality development of the back, neck and shoulders are key to preventing injuries associated with postural injuries.
Quality development of the back, neck, and shoulders are key to preventing injuries associated with postural injuries

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