Training in the sand is not only fun but it’s better on your body!

Tennis is one of those sports which takes its toll on the joints and tendons. Why? It’s a repetitive sport that is played often on hard surfaces with many changes of direction, jump/lands, and ball strikes. The lower body can really cop a flogging! If then go and add some running conditioning on top it can be dangerous to our bone and tendon health.

So how do we get the same bang for our buck without hopping on a bike or going for a swim?

I’ve always enjoyed using the beach or sandpits to get the work done. The sand reduces the jarring effect on the lower body joints whilst still allowing a similar training effect to occur with our fitness.

What can be done of the sand?

A beach training session with tennis athletes
A beach fitness session with tennis athletes on the Gold Coast


I’ve used sand for the following:

  • Conditioning Sessions – Fitness (Repeat Sprints, endurance and cross-training – beach frisbee and footy)
  • Speed and Agility Training (Teaching athletes to transfer body weight in multi directions)
  • Rehab. (Yes rehab – for ankles, feet, and knees)
  • Recovery (Why go to an ice bath when you can stretch, trigger and roll and jump in the freezing ocean) I always believe there is something about the ocean that is therapeutic.
  • Strength and Power Development – jumping and landing in the sand is great for lower body power development, stability, and strength.
    An escape from the day in day our training – something fun, different, and very cool!

So next time you want a change from the court, gym, or track! Head to the closest beach and rip into some different types of training. It’s a welcomed change and there is always a swim at the end of it!

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