Cycle 5 (Ages 13-15yrs)

Athletic Development Banners Cycle 5

This is the final progression of the Athlete Development Series and will prepare you for transitioning onto specific and advanced programs. The programs previously have built the foundation of movement and strength that will hold you in good stead to have the athletic body to tennis.  

Cycle 4 (Ages 12-14yrs)

Athletic Development Banners Cycle 4

This program provides greater exposure to more complex movement patterns and strength requirements as it works through different planes of movement, at various speeds of movement. This takes a leap into greater more adolescent strength development.

Cycle 3 (Ages 11-14yrs)

Athletic Development Banners Cycle 3

This program incorporates exercises with greater complexity, resistance, or speed through the ongoing use of minimal equipment. The exercises require greater focus and technique to execute as the athlete continues to adapt and progress successfully.

Cycle 2 (Ages 10-12yrs)

Athletic Development Banners Cycle 2

Training any young tennis player is about developing the fundamental movement patterns for athletic performance. This program progressed from the previous program by increasing the complexity or speed of each exercise with minimal equipment. This way they progress efficiently and effectively towards better athleticism.

Cycle 1 (Ages 9-12yrs)

Athletic Development Banners Cycle 1

This is the foundation gym program for athletic development in tennis players. This program does not involve heavyweights, rather more bodyweight exercises that develop fundamental athlete patterns.  This is the first progression of the program and is ideal for beginners and can be performed at home with minimal equipment.