Throwing the Tennis Serve

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Throwing the Serve   Improve your throw – improve your serve!   The serving mechanics are very similar to the mechanics of throw.   The ability to create lag and a fast arm, for spin and power generation in the serve are important to creating a high-quality serve in the short and long term. Learning […]

Building Young Athletes


Building Young Tennis Athletes: The Fundamentals Building an athlete from square one may seem a simple enough task, but in its simplicity comes complexity. What I mean is some things that are simple are often hard to do well and should be mastered before advancing. Here is a simple look at my approach to developing […]


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BEACH FITNESS Training in the sand is not only fun but it’s better on your body! Tennis is one of those sports which takes its toll on the joints and tendons. Why? It’s a repetitive sport that is played often on hard surfaces with many changes of direction, jump/lands, and ball strikes. The lower body […]