the t-movement story

t-movement & Alex Hynes

My passion for tennis and coaching started young. Mum put into a tennis lesson at 6 after she saw me trying to hit bees out of the air and hitting a little ball around with my favourite plastic red bat. I was coaching at 14 and running my own club by 17. I went to University at 19 and completed a degree in Sport Science. I was lucky enough to try my hand in the honours program which I investigated reactive agility in tennis which I found fascinating! My dream was to work with professional tennis players as a tennis coach or fitness coach….I am grateful to say I got to do both. 

This obsession with movement and footwork started at 22 where myself and a good friend (Dave Briggs) began the process of trying to understand the various components of tennis movement. We spent hours discussing and watching videos of tennis until we create the beginnings of a structure of understanding the cycle of progressions involved in baseline tennis movement. 

After a short while I got my dream job as a tennis coach and physical performance coach with Australia’s National body in tennis, Tennis Australia. This is where I got to work with the best of the best junior and senior athletes, tennis coaches, medical staff, physiotherapists, fitness coaches, nutritionist and psychologists. I was able to develop my practical knowledge of the body, how to train it, tennis coaching principles/methods and tactics of tennis. 


After my time with the National tennis body, I worked in an extensive private academy as both gym/fitness and high-performance coach leader where I continue enjoy developing the new generation of junior and professional tennis players. I walk the walk every day, spending tones of time on court and it never ceases to amaze me how much I keep learning and how much there is too learn.


I have travelled the world and attended every major event in a developing elite tennis player’s career. I took athletes to the events as either a fitness coach or tennis coach which had the best 12’s (Longines Future Tennis Aces) 14’s (World Junior Teams Finals), 16’s (Junior Davis and Federation Cup), 18’s (Grandslams, J1-J5 ITF Events) futures, ITF’s, Challengers, ATP/WTA Pro tour events and Grand Slams. All the time in my spare time away from work I was developing my ideas on footwork and movement. As I sponged up new bits of information from my experiences and discussions with coaches from all parts of the world. It was always something I wanted to put together and share my ideas with the tennis community, but good things take time.  Now with over 10 years working with elite junior and seniors professions and adequate time to bring together all my ideas and concepts I have completed my understanding of how the body can be used effectively to enhance the performance of tennis players which combines the tactics of tennis. I am very grateful to have seen the things I have seen and worked with the people I have worked with. Tennis is my passion and movement is my expertise. I want to share with the world how to understand and coach tennis movement which teaches concepts, not manoeuvres, which allows adaptability not restraints and which can be moulded to meet the needs of every athletes in the tennis journey. Whether you are recreational, developing or elite player this is for you!


 T-Movement is a combination of sports science, human anatomy and physiology, physical training and tennis coaching – with years of thought put into this project my aim is to reduce changes of injury, improve the way the body functions and ultimate improve your physical performance on court.

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